What Does It Mean to Be a Mom

What Does It Mean to Be a Mom?

Being a mom is such a rewarding experience. It’s demanding, tiring, never-ending, even overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, but it changes your life in the most rewarding way. I’m lucky that I get to wake up every day to such a beautiful smile. I’m amazed at the unconditional love I feel towards my son and experience … Read More

I Love To Read - Kindle Unlimited

I Love To Read with Kindle Unlimited

I love to read. I’m 99% sure that I loved reading even as a kid. In fact, I loved reading stories so much that I had a journal—it was a pink Miss Piggy journal—and in this journal I wrote fairy tale stories. They all had similar plot lines, started off with “once upon a time” … Read More

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Pregnancy

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Pregnancy

Some of the most conflicting, emotional, and life-changing moments for me happened when I was pregnant. Even now just thinking about the joy of pending motherhood makes me smile—nearly as much as it makes me smile thinking about the amazing son my husband and I are lucky and blessed to have. It’s crazy to think … Read More

Happy New Year 2018 - Smith Household

Happy New Year!

Coming in to the new year many of us are filled with excitement, anticipation, hope, determination, as well as resolutions and goals. With a new year comes the positivity and positive mindset that a lot of people may miss on a daily basis; It comes with the hope that the mistakes of the prior year … Read More

Review of Useful Items In 2017

Review of 2017 Items

Below are a mixture of household items as well as baby items that we love using and would recommend to other people who ask about them. This post does contain affiliate links, which means that should you decide to click on a link and purchase something I will receive a commission of those sales at … Read More

Being A Working Mom Is Stressful

The Stress of Being A Mom Who Works

Both my husband and I work full-time jobs. As such, we came into parenthood with the understanding that we had to establish more of a structured schedule for our son as much as we could. Here’s a little background information into what our work situations are like. My husband works a swing shift while my … Read More

My Over Reactive Imagination - Arlo Security Camera Review

I Have A Very Over REactive Imagination

I don’t want to say that I’m a paranoid person, or that I have a paranoid nature, but I do have a very over REactive imagination. The reason I distinctly say overREactive is because my imagination tends to start as a “what if” situation for things currently happening around me, and spirals into a full-blown … Read More

Every Thing is Replaceable, but very few things in life are irreplaceable

Every THING Is Replaceable, But Very Few Things In Life Are Irreplaceable

In the work environment, nothing and no one is irreplaceable. You may hear people say things along the lines of “you’re such a great worker, it’ll be difficult to find a replacement,” but when all is said and done—even if it is difficult to find a replacement—a replacement can and will be found. Sure, they … Read More

How To Travel With a Baby

How To Travel With A Baby

I’m currently at a conference for work in Texas, so tonight is the first night for me to be away from my son. Not only do I find myself missing him, but I’m genuinely sad that he’s not here with me—or rather, that I’m not with him. It’s a similar feeling to those early days … Read More

How To Deal With Grief

Dealing With Grief – Part 2

In the previous entry I made about grief, I wrote about how this was an inevitable emotion and time in anyone’s life. My main message from this post was the following: “I’m convinced that no amount of preparation will spare you that experience of grief. It really is inevitable, especially when you care for someone. … Read More